Could this be the next President and Vice-president of Nigeria in the coming election?

Mimiko and Mark

This two men are known strong political office holders and ambitious as well. The man in Ankara attire is Olusegun Mimiko, while the man in shirt and trouser is David Mark.
Mimiko is the incumbent governor of old Ondo State and Mark is the Senate President of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Just few weeks ago, Mimiko was re-elected back into office for the second tenure which is to begin next year feburary.
There are speculations that the governor is aiming higher than just being a governor and there are indications that the senate president as well is eyeing the Aso rock seat.
could this be part of what these two are discussing? Will a yoruba man (Mimiko) be the next vice-president? Is it ideal to plan towards that ambition while they are yet to conclude their present tenures in office?

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