Cossy Orjiakor Dumps Mansion At Leki Lagos And Relocates To Abuja


Controversial Nollywood star Or­jiakor is on the move again. As you read this piece, has abandoned her Lekki, home and relocated to Abuja, the nation’s seat of power. And that’s not all, she has just pur­chased a brand pink-co­loured Porsche coupe.
In a chat with , Orjiakor stated her rea­sons for dumping her Lekki home for Abuja:

“I just got an Abuja apartment. I guess I needed a change of environment. Besides my car will develop prob­lems in my home because the road won’t be nice for it.

The road to my home has plenty of big stones and I won’t be able to take my car home because of its low clearance. So hopefully, be­fore my rent expires here in Abu­ja, the road to my home will be fixed.”
Hehehehehehe nice reason for changing environment….Those melons will set Abuja on fire….lol

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