Cossy Ojiakor Will Go To Heaven While Many Roast In Hell – Uju Edochie

Cossy Ojiakor means many things to many people even though many of those things are deemed unsavoury. She’s a walking sensation on two legs because wherever she goes eyes follow her. While the men gape in wonderment at the craftsmanship of her sprawling bosom by God the women drool in envy for all the attention going her way. To so many she’s a symbol of wantonness, a perversion of Se-xuality and a sin to be courted from afar rather than close for fear of losing your soul.She has been called so many bad names just on account of what Mother Nature has bestowed upon her. Few see the good in this Nutty Queen the way a fellow actress Uju Edochie has seen beyond the public facade of the woman she has described as a “good woman”. In a recent Instagram post, actress and producer, Uju Edochie was full of praise for Cossy, describing her as good woman who is so true and not pretentious.

“The honest truth about Queen of, Cossy Ojiakor is that she is a good lady with beautiful heart. She doesn’t know how to pretend and would not want to learn to pretend. Cossy Orjiakor is not cheap, she is not what majority thinks she is but she doesn’t care how you feel about her, she cares about what pleases her and that’s the code. This is New Year; people should mind their business and stop taking extra Panadol on another man’s headache.

Don’t be surprise that Cossy Queen of Orjiakor will go to heaven while those criticising her would languish in hell,” she said. And she wasn’t the only one to share the sentiment, another actress Rita Edochie also shared her thoughts on Cossy Ojiakor and it was just as good as Uju’s. “May God almighty keep blessing you the more @ujuedochie for saying the truth about my girl that minds her business @cossyojiakor ,” said Rita Edochie.



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