Confession Of A Prostitute In University Of Benin


The news that undergraduates sell their bodies for money is not something new, poverty has always been the factor that these ladies blame for their lifestyles as prost itutes in the university.

A 19 year old Elizabeth Ehis got her dreams achieved when she got admitted into the University of Benin. Things were not rosy for her until she met a friend who introduced her to the trade.

She said: “I met Stephanie during our Matriculation ceremony in the school, we were and still are in the same department. But we did not really become close until we met at the party where we got talking and exchanged contacts.

“Later she told me that, I did not deserve the kind of poor life style I was living in school and that I needed to upgrade myself. She introduced me to some friends who would call me when there was a party to attend. At one of the parties we attended, they introduced me to some ‘big’ men.

After her first night, . “I became used to the whole thing, and I was collecting more than N5, 000 per night. I had to give a cut to the person who brought me deals, and send some money back home.”

She said: “Men come to female hostels in the evenings to call on ladies. If the lady chooses to answer them, they both go to have a nice time. If she refuses, the men will move on to the next girl till they find what they are looking for.

“ Some other times, it is more complex than that. Aristos work with some errand boys in female hostels. These boys show the rich men who come around the pictures of different girls and the men pick anyone they want. Just like picking a style of clothing from a catalogue


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