CompTIA A+ 220-901 & 220-902 Study Guide & Exam Prep


The CompTIA A+ (220-901 & 220-902) certification exams are recognized worldwide supported by the IT industry and highly entrusted by governments, potential employers, and organizations. These CompTIA examinations are detailed enough and vendor-neutral. This is because they do not focus only on the products of a company but rather on its objective ranges of the certification crosswise most technologies, hardware, services and software that ranges from conventional devices and operating systems to the superfluity of mobile gadgets and technology that are currently in use. Nowadays, these tests are increasingly becoming popular and in hot demand across the IT industry. The A+ certificate is actually one of the best strategies to stand-out from your peer. Also, it readily convinces your potential employers that you as a job seeker possess the relevant computer knowledge and communication skills to accomplish their tasks with little or no supervision.

The CompTIA A+ (220-901 & 220-902) exams are certification tests that are competent in a broad scope of vendor-neutral computer hardware and peripherals, communication skills, operational procedures, cloud computing fundamentals, security, Apple OS X and Linux, Android, iOS, installing and configuring operating systems, Windows, network connectivity problems, networking and troubleshooting hardware, and mobile device hardware.

Details of CompTIA A+ Exams

If you want to get your certification in the CompTIA A+, it is very important to pass the following exams download link

  1. CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam

This test covers the computer hardware and peripherals, network connectivity issues, networking and troubleshooting hardware, and mobile device hardware.

  1. CompTIA A+ 220-902 Exam

This test covers installation and configuration of operating systems that include Windows, iOS, cloud computing fundamentals, security, Android, Apple OS X and Linux, operational procedures, and communication skills.

Questions: Both certification examinations contain 90 questions that are called linear exams. This implies that within this test, you will be answering questions as you go forward and backward, tick items, and also change answers where needed. You can also go through the answers in case you are able to finish all the 90 questions and have more time left when you check the exam clock.

Duration: You will be given 90 minutes to take each of the exams. If you are able to complete the test early, you will gain much time to review your answers. Of course, you can possibly seat for two different papers same day but it is not advisable not to do such.

Passing Score: The passing score for CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is 675 on a scale of 900 while for the 220-902 certification examination is 700. This is equivalent to a needed passing score of 72 and 75 percent even though; it is very hard to compute the precise worth of each of the question. Most candidates will prepare with practice tests and make sure they try to score 85% or more so as to get themselves ready for the real examinations.

How to Handle Performed-Based Questions

CompTIA has recommended the tips below to enable you handle the performance based questions:

  • Ensure you maximize your time with wisdom. There will be a visible clock on the multiple-choice questions but it could be hidden when doing performance-based questions.

  • In case you are not satisfied with answering a particular question on the performance-based, go to the next question as this will save you much time and able to touch most of the questions. Click “done” after completing any of your work and make sure you mark the question for review and visit it later. As you are doing this, your work will be saved.

  • Most of the performance-based questions show up at the beginning of the test. Apply this knowledge to manage the duration you will spend on each of the question.

  • Visit the CompTIA website to learn more concerning the performance-based questions and try a sample as well.

  • CompTIA has reserves the right to alter the questions’ pool and at the same time stick to the objectives. The tests are distributed on a computer within a program that is very easy to use. The exams could be taken in various languages, such as English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and French.

How Can You Enroll for CompTIA A+ Exams?

Every certification exam testing of CompTIA A+ is given by Pearson VUE. After completing your training for the test, go to the Pearson VUE website to enroll for your exam and choose the closest authorized testing center for the A+ examination. Also, do not forget to get the CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide for your exam as this will be highly helpful in preparation for your tests.

Importance of CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guides

Are you already an experienced specialist in IT? Or are you just on the way to start? The CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide will assist you to get yourself equipped for your A+ exams. With this guide, you will know the basic principles of installation, configuration and troubleshooting of computers, printers, mobiles, and networking device hardware. It will also help you develop a profession in the computer support and at the same time prepare you for the CompTIA 220-901 and 220-902 exams as it gives absolute coverage of the objectives and the whole contents of examples as stated in the syllabus.

After reviewing the CompTIA A+ 220-901 Study Guide, you will be bold enough to do the following:

  • Identify types and features of PC, laptop and components of mobile device, such as CPU, motherboard, storage and memory, input and output devices.

  • Install, configure and troubleshoot the peripheral devices and the components of the system.

  • Install, configure and troubleshoot the printing devices.

  • Install, configure and troubleshoot the wired and wireless LAN connections and the internet access devices.

After the completion of the CompTIA A+ 220-902 Study Guide, you will be able to do the following:

  • Install, configure and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows, OS X PC operating system alongside IOS, Windows, and Android mobile devices.

  • Configure and handle computer and mobile device network connectivity and users, groups and the shared resources in such a typical SOHO network.

  • Configure access control measures including authentication, security policy, encryption, and firewalls.

  • Carry out fundamental maintenance as you work safely and responsibly and communicate effectively with the customers.

If you want to maximize these certification study guides to prepare for your exams, try as much as possible to complete the IT Fundamental course of CompTIA or have some basic experience by making use of PC, Windows and browsing the website.


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