Coach Bans Players From Having S3x After Losing Their World Cup Opening Match

England’s World Cup opponents on Sunday, Panama are banned from having $ex during the tournament as players can only share a bed with their partners, according to reports.

Iceland’s players were allowed to have $ex ahead of their World Cup match against Nigeria, as long as it is with their wives, coach Heimir Hallgrimsson said on Thursday.

But Panama’s players will have to go without before they play England in the second round of Group G fixtures on Sunday after losing their opening match 3-0 to Belgium.

The prospects for England players are unclear but they faced no restrictions in 2014 and have their wives and girlfriends staying 30 minutes away from the team base.

Medic Lauren Streicher said that ‘$exual activity has no bearing on athletic performance whatsoever,’ according to USA Today.

When an Icelandic reporter asked if $ex was banned for members of the squad, Iceland captain Aron Gunnarsson said: ‘For the time being, yes.’

But manager Hallgrimsson interjected: ‘At least as long as the wives have not arrived. No, $ex is not banned.’

Argentina’s football authorities had to apologise for issuing a World Cup handbook featuring a section on how to flirt with Russian women.

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