Club Paradise, Indeed: Drake Dumps $50,000 In Cash On Floor In Strip Club

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before ― a guy walks into a strip club in North Carolina with a box filled with $50,000 in singles, and proceeds to dump it all on the floor and let the girls have at it.
Wait. Of course you haven’t heard this one before, because who would ever do that?
Who besides Drake, that is?
We hope Drizzy got a lot of lap dances out of this.

he rapper has never been coy about his affections for pole dancers, but this is pretty ridiculous. Drake made a cameo at Cameo Nightclub in Charlotte, NC, and released stacks of money on the crowd. (No word yet on if he yelled, “Who do ya trust? Hubba, hubba, hubba, money, money, money!” as he did so.)
A fellow rapper, Bleu Davinci (no relation to Leonardo, presumably), chipped in another $25,000, according to TMZ. We know there are a lot of singles flying around in strip clubs, but 50,000 of them is basically unheard of.

And sure, this money could have gone to a charity. Most children’s hospitals could sure use an extra $75,000. Or what about paying the college tuition of an underprivileged student? Nope! Drake blew the cash on strippers, which will now be recycled into the economy in the form of cocaine, nose jobs, leopard print thongs, and unpaid child support. So everybody wins! Except those kids in the children’s hospital. Do you think Drake should spend his money more wisely?

Culled: TMZ

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