Church Members Loses Focus Over Skimpy Dressing


Indecent dressing to church is no longer news especially in our country Nigeria where moral is been taken in high esteem.

Today in various churches, ladies dress the way they like in all manner of designs there by exposing either their cleavages or their thigh all in the name of dressing and the next thing you here is “it is not the body that matters but the mind.”

Believe it or not, they cause many to derail in thoughts during service and you never can tell, because Pastors too are human.

Looking at this trend, in years to come the situation might worsen as there may be no distinction between club girls and the ‘sisters.’
Though many churches now preach about prosperity, yet there are some churches that still preach salvation like; Deeper Life Bible Church, Mountain of Fire, The Redeemed Christian Church of God whose General overseer has band females from wearing trousers to church and Christ Living Apostolic Ministries (CLAM).

The question now is who should be blamed? Is it all about evolving trends and should it be extended to the church? If emphasis is laid on dressing, won’t the church lose its members? These are questions begging for answers.


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