Chris Brown Dresses Up As Terrorist For Halloween

Sometimes I just wonder if Chris Brown has any friends around him that will just be honest with him and tell him “That’s a bad idea.” It’s just as simple as that, someone who cares about your career and well being, simply being real with you. But, unfortunately the talented 23-year-old seems like that concept is just too far-fetched for reality.
Yesterday, while some innocent child was trick-or-treating in a goblin costume, Chris Brown and his “clique” were terrorizing the neighborhood…literally. Brown and friends dressed up like terrorists, waving toy guns in the air with long fuzzy beards covering their faces. “Ain’t nobody F**king wit my clique!!!!#ohb,” posted Chris.
Sadly, someone else could possibly have gotten away with the costume, but given Chris’ history and how much the media hates him, he should have known it would only result in negative publicity.

Courtesy of TheYBF

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