Childish Gambino “This Is America” Review.


So yes i recently wrote a short review on the “” video by . In my review, i focused on three (3) salient points embedded in the imagery depicted in the video.

Since the release of the single; by Donald Glover AKA , which premiered shortly after he took the stage to host Saturday Night Live on May 5 the internet has been flooded with reactions upon reactions (Good Bad and even the ugly).

has been given uncountable applauds by music fanatics (such as myself) for it’s musical depth in addressing current issues affecting America and the world at large, it has been a long while the Hip-Hop community has been fed with such thought-provoking music and we see topping the charts on this one. Although we see a particular sect of music listeners who feel indifferent as regards the imagery, symbolism and lyricism embedded in this music, i believe that this is simply because they probably do not get the big picture painted within.
My review key points are broken down into the following;
1. Disregard for human life and regard for guns.
2. The kids are watching.
3. There’s so much distraction.



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