I Can’t Remarry Because My Husband’s Spirit Still Lives In Me—Prophet Ajanaku’s Widow Explodes


On July 17, 2014, the remains of Prophet Ireti Ajanaku, founder of Christ Revival Victory Chapel International, who passed on in 2013, will be finally laid to rest. It was reported that widow of the late controversial man of God, Joy, said the burial date was chosen by late Ajanaku.

“Seven is a perfect number. Everything about his life had something in common with seven. I know it is not a coincidence. It is divine ordination from God Almighty. Like his date of birth, his house address where we were was number 17.

“All the tenants in the house were 17, the land where we have the house was given to him. That was the only land that we have on the street and why is it 17. The church address is 17 too. That is how God has been handling his life,” she was quoted to have said.

Joy disclosed that she has no plans of remarrying because her husband’s spirit still live in her and stated that her family has accepted her decision to remain a widow of Ajanaku. Her marriage to the late man of God produced two children,

“Well, my marriage is blessed with two kids. I told you my husband is not dead. My family members are mature and they see me as a separate being. I don’t resemble my mum or dad. I am a special being. So all my family know I am a separate being. So there won’t be any issue about remarrying. So they can’t force me to remarry. My mother seeks advice from me as she sees me as her spiritual mother,” Joy told City People Magazine.

The burial, according to the church committee, is to put to rest all post death controversies surrounding the deceased.


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