Busola Dakolo Wasn’t Raped, She Is After Fame! – Kemi Olunloyo

Tuesday, July 16, 2019, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, Nigerian journalist, activist, media enthusiast and social media personality, made an appearance on TVC’s Your View to discuss her investigation into the controversy between Pastor Fatoyinbo and Busola Dakolo.

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo started the conversation, stating that she is an investigative journalist and not taking sides with the Pastor. She made clear that she understands sexual violence as well as the sensitivity of the matter but however criticized CHUDE for having not done justice to the interview.. In her words: “When speaking about a Pastor, a man of God who could be easily defamed by a woman, a timeline should have been included.”

When asked why she had not interviewed the Pastor on the allegations, seeing as she is an investigative journalist, Dr. Kemi emphasized that as an investigative journalist, you should go to the source [the News-maker]. “I did contact Timi dakolo, I sent him the exact message I had sent to Busola. Before I realized what had happened, Timi dakolo had publicized a screenshot of my message to the world!” Kemi went further to explain that as a result of the screenshot posted online by Timi which included her mobile number, her phone was on fire with over 585 missed calls.

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It was at that point that she switched her attention to the Pastor to get an interview with him, but there was no chance for that as he zoomed off after service from the pulpit saying the Lord asked him to keep mute.

When asked how she knew there were holes in Busola‘s story, Dr. Kemi stated:

“LINDA IKEJI was never pregnant, that baby was from a surrogate mother. Nigerians don’t have to believe what I say despite having all evidences. Nigerians don’t understand “press freedom”. I can call Donald Trump a racist, say he looks like a monkey and I would walk away with it but in Nigeria, I would get arrested and castigated.” On whether she hijacked the whole story and made it all about herself, she specified: ‘The PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I had isn’t an illness, it is a mental disorder. It’s not my motive to hijack the story or be the star of the story, everyone should be investigating the story.’

The shocker came when Dr. Kemi said out-rightly that she had come to a conclusion Busola Dakolo wasn’t raped, however she has not concluded her investigation. She further stressed that Busola has a lot of holes in her story: “The whole thing isn’t adding up at all, no timeline and everyone did the mathematics. Busola is 36, substrate that from 16 – (1999). He raped me in my house and called me to come babysit his child and raped me again on our way there in the car, a car that wasn’t in existence until 2003.”

“Timi Dakolo was part of a rape campaign movement in 2015, where he said he would die if any of his daughters happen to be victims of rape. If he knew that his wife was a rape victim, why didn’t he voice out at the time? Why did he use innuendos? Given the fact that CHUDE is a professional practitioner and knows his career is on the line, he shouldn’t break a story that wasn’t investigated or has element of truth in them and not verifying facts without matching up events!”

DR. KEMI who stressed that she has never been in support of rape, blatantly said the whole story was false and she doubts every part of it. Also that the video by CHUDE was edited and ‘cut into pieces’. She also said that Busola is trying to use the medium for fame and “clouting” with such sensitive issues should be punishable.

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