BREACH OF CONTRACT: Davido VS JoshBeatz VS Born Winners Empire!!



Our attention has been drawn to the false and  persistent claim by members of HKN Music that young music producer – Joshua Boafo  a.k.a JOSHBeatz, is signed to HKN.

Contrary to this, We wish to clarify that ‘JoshBeatz’ is officially signed on to Born Winners Empire (BWE) as in-house producer. All contractual obligations on the part of Born Winners Empire have been fulfilled till date. JoshBeatz is expected to produce a Mixtape under BWE. At the time of this incidence he was in d studio working on a new single for QUEST and also our newest signed artist – BAZINO.

Be it also known that as at this moment JoshBeatz is still living in BWE premises in Lekki.

The first news of this mischief broke on twitter on 21st Nov, when Davido via his @iamdavido handle tweeted “Welcome @joshbeatz to the family!!!! Hkn gang!! NEWEST MEMBER!!!! Congrats!!”


This came as an embarrassment and sad surprise to us because Davido is well aware that JoshBeatz is on a valid contract with BWE,  he and his crew have visited our Lekki office / studios a few times when JoshBeatz recorded him on a track for the JoshBeatz mixtape.

We have utmost respect for Davido and HKN, and we contacted them to verify the situation, but they said it was just a random casual tweet by Davido and they have no interest in signing the young producer. Yet we continued to observe a manipulative and deceitful under-the table approach to woo our artist/producer.
HKN further went ahead last week to release recorded materials produced by JoshBeatz  whom they tagged ‘HKN newly signed producer”.

Music business is Serious business, and there are rules to the trade. We must put a stop to this hell-destined ‘Hustle and Blow’ mentality and observe mutual respect as music business professionals.
In an industry that is constantly faced with flagrant disregard and abuse of contractual commitment, it is disappointing that even well established record labels will now manipulate and conspire with Artistes to breach contracts. Its a shame indeed.

In view of the above, the management of BWE finds JoshBeatz’s disloyalty and embarrassment totally unacceptable,  and has opted to Terminate his (JoshBeatz)  contract forthwith. We are not asking for any damages, and we do not wish to be drawn into controversies with anyone.

Thank you..
For: Born Winners Empire (BWE).


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