Brazil faces WC stadium crisis

Workers set to strike over World Cup stadium deaths

Preparations for the tournament in Brazil have taken another hit, after a workers union publicly denounced safety conditions around building sites.

A death of a second worker at a World Cup construction site in Brazil on Saturday could be set to spark a nationwide strike amongst fellow builders.

The man collapsed following a heart attack while working around the Amazonas Convention Center, within the Arena Amazonia stadium compound.

The workers union the casualty belonged to has been vocal with their anger at safety conditions on sites and Brazil could face a crisis ahead of the tournament if tradesmen down tools in protest.

“A general strike would be ideal, to show the reality that nobody wants to see,” Sintracomec-AM president Cicero Custodio told Globoesporte .

“The government only shows the pretty part of the works and forgets who’s there making them happen.

This Monday we will be there, demanding our rights as workers and exposing this reality.

“The accident happened because there wasn’t a safety technician on site. The Labour Ministry has to get off their chairs and audit the works, even when there are people working at night.”

This tragedy comes immediately after news that co-worker Marcleudo de Melo Ferreira had plunged to his death in the same stadium on Saturday.

Stadium construction projects have been plagued with mishaps, with a falling crane recently claiming the lives of two builders in Sao Paolo on November 27.

The Brazilian government faces a race against time to ensure infrastructure is ready to support the World Cup in
June 2014, following delays, increased costs and nationwide unrest.

Posted By Kevin Jasper (@KevinJasper3)


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