Bobrisky Offers His Birthday Cake To Any Couple Tying The Knot Soon


After police officers disrupted his 28th birthday party, Bobrisky has shown just how unbothered he is by offering to give his birthday cake to any couple getting married this weekend.

In his words; ‘this was supposed to be my birthday cake before it was cancelled for no reason. Like I used to say my heart is filled with gold but many haters are just looking for my downfall lol. If you are getting married dis weekend pls come and have dis cake. I repeat no amount of hate will change who I am. I will preserve the cake in my freezer at home so don’t be bothered about spoiling’.

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He continued saying; ‘yesterday would have been my dream day cos have been dreaming to throw a multimillionaire party but sad everything came dis way.. let thank God for life’.

Bobrisky’s Cake


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