Blogger Reveals The Real Cause Of Funke Akindele And JJC Skillz Marriage Crash


Blogger Reveals The Real Cause Of Funke Akindele And JJC Skillz Marriage Crash

Popular Nigerian blogger Cutie Juls has shared the real cause of the collapsed marriage of Nollywood actress Funke Akindele and her husband JJC Skillz.

Social media users woke up to the news of the separation of the couples; Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz. The husband of Funke, JJC Skillz a few hours ago took to his page to officially announce their separation.

JJC Skillz disclosed that they have been leaving separetly for the past 3 months and he has made every effort to work out the difference between them but to no avail.

Popular blogger Cutie Juls has shared on her page what caused the couples to separate. According to Cutie, the actress Funke Akindele caught her husband in bed with another woman who was also giving him ‘head’.

She also disclosed that JJC Skillz wasted the funds of Funke without rendering any proper account to her.

Cutie captioned her post, “Hmmm see wetin ordinary blow job have caused. What Oluwa has put together, let no konji put assunder.

But the thing is the legal battle is going to be long. Funke doesn’t want to give Skillz anything but the truth is, Skillz built more than 70% of Funke’s wealth together with him. She should have put him on a payroll cuz that would have helped but let’s wait and see cuz this one eehn. London street boy vs Lagos street girl.. cl#sh of the Titans




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