Big Brother Africa Star, Dillish Matthews to Pose Na ked For 50 Million dollars


Big Brother Africa Star, Dillish Matthews Honestly Might Pose na.ked For Fifty Million Dollars

Can you pose for 50 million dollars? Well, just before you answer that, Big Brother Africa star and Goddess, Dillish Matthews gave an honest answer on the online entertainment platform


On a beautiful Friday evening, winner of the Big Brother Africa season 8 “The Chase”, Dillish Matthews was super excited to be live on


Smart and very se.xy superstar whooped all 10 daring questions and showed her unique personality. (Lol)

Read interview below:

#DareMeQuestions: 1 @Dillish_Lishy what do you do to have fun or for fun?

Dillish : Chill with my friends or clubbing

#DareMeQuestions 2 @Dillish_Lishy – How far can you go to save the world?

Dillish: Erm! Tricky! As far as I can go

#DareMeQuestions 3. @Dillish_Lishy – Three things you bought with your Big Brother Africa star prize?

Dillish: Went to Asia, bought a Rolex watch, and paid my bills six months in advanced

#DareMeQuestions 4. @Dillish_Lishy How old were you then? And what was the name of the person you had your first kiss with?

Dillish: 18

#DareMeQuestions 5. @Dillish_Lishy Before you became the BBA (Season 8) superstar, who did you think would have won?

Dillish: Elikem

#DareMeQuestions 6. @Dillish_Lishy For 50 million dollars, can you pose for a magazine?

Dillish: Honest truth maybe! I’m comfy in my skin

#DareMeQuestions 7. @Dillish_Lishy What animal or insect are you afraid of? Any phobia?

Dillish: Reptiles freak me out!

#DareMeQuestions 8. @Dillish_Lishy Say something wonderful in your language?

Dillish : Ondikuhole – “I Love You”

#DareMeQuestions 9. @Dillish_Lishy (Dare) Twit-pic your boyfriend or who is your Nigerian music artiste crush

Dillish: No boyfriend Λ

#DareMeQuestions 10. @Dillish_Lishy tell us, what are you are working on currently? Any exclusives?

Dillish: Strictly business. Construction e.t.c

*whew*! So Dillish slightly escaped the hot seat, but then which celebrity is next??

For more, follow @BossRicky01 and @DareMeQuestions for live( tweets/updates) daring moments.

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