BHP(@BIGHEADPHONESE) -Tree House Music Vol.1

Tree House Music Vol. 1

Tree House Music Vol.1 is the long awaited EP from the Bigheadphones collective. The group, consisting of 4 rappers (Mr. HD, D33, AbySSinia and Z?K [pronounced Zik] ) and a singer (Ross) has come a long way from dropping singles every now and then, basically dipping their toes to test the industry’s murky waters. Now they’re taking a full dive with the EP to try and carve out a niche for themselves and by so doing have come out with a comprehensive body of work, and this is reflected in the genre of the EP being termed as “eclectic” by the group members themselves. The EP is littered with awesome songs. Straight up rap songs like Goody Bud, Resistance (which features the EP’s only guest artist Paybac), anthem cuts like THM, N*****, Paper, smooth cuts like Isis, Life, a 7 minute gem by Ross with Peer Pressure/Puissance and a revolutionary cut in AbySSinia just to name a few. Good content/subject matter, excellent lyricism and a good range of beats make the EP a pleasant listen. Download and enjoy. Continue to support the movement. #BHP #ROD #SwitchUpTheStatusQuo



2. Niggers – DOWNLOAD

3. Resistance – DOWNLOAD

4. Goody bud – DOWNLOAD

5. Skit – DOWNLOAD

6. Paper – DOWNLOAD

7. Delilah – DOWNLOAD

8. Peer pressure (Puissance) – DOWNLOAD

9. Isis – DOWNLOAD

10. Adversity – DOWNLOAD

11. Skit – DOWNLOAD

12. Life – DOWNLOAD

13. Good – DOWNLOAD

14. Abyssinia – DOWNLOAD

15. Skit – DOWNLOAD



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