Beautiful Nubia’s message to African leaders

Beautiful Nubia, born Segun Akinlolu isn’t a conventional singer. That much is obvious from his looks, his music and style. They say he sings what is called African folklore songs but the singer once confirmed to Potpourri that he is much more than that. He said he is a messenger and his songs, the message.

Undoubtedly, Beautiful Nubia’s songs are built on rich folkloric traditions and native wisdom but his message is universal in thrust and theme: “Value life, respect nature and learn to live in peace with others”. The music speaks for the voiceless and champions the dream of a balanced society where individuals are truly free and equal. It preaches love and tolerance but also urges people to stand and defend their rights when trampled upon anywhere in the world” says Wikipaedia on his profile. But there is another streak to the dreadlocks wearing Vet turned musician and that is of activism. He has lent his voice to many issues in the past. The latest one, which he sent through the Blackberry messenger, is his message to African leaders.

Hear him: “Everything seems to be a source of joke and fun for the Nigerian. It could be a looming disaster like the 2015 elections, the President’s wife’s unforgivable and unfeeling public gaffes, politically sponsored bombings that spread fear and sadness, or an immediate concern such as the Ebola threat” he began.

“What should make us cry seems to make us burst out in an orgy of mirth and backslapping revelry. As we speak, African leaders are busy making a mockery of themselves in Washington and selling the future to their eternal masters. The Powers of the West are good at telling you that Africa is rising when we all know the continent is sliding more backward than ever. And just before they got the leaders, the smart Americans hosted a bunch of young Africans who had been handpicked as future leaders of the continent.

These ones then will become the agents who will work against their people in the years to come. So, we keep rolling our ‘nyashes’ to our pathetic pop music, celebrate our overrated “appointed” authors who speak the language of distraction, and follow the English Premier League with the kind of passion that some people put into national development. The West is selling a dud to our present leaders, and they have already lined up those who will take over and do their bidding in the future. So, let the laughter ring from Cape Town to Calabar, from Lilongwe to Lagos, from Zanaga to Zaria, from Jo’burg to Jos. “Africa Rising
– O Ye!” Jokers” he said.

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