Beats By Dre Expands Into Digital Music Service With Daisy

By Henna Kathiya
Dr. Dre has proven himself to be quite the businessman with his Beats By Dre brand landing him the top spot on Forbes highest paid musicians list. Now the legendary West Coast producer is looking to expand his business with a foray into a new digital music service called Daisy.
Digital Music News via HHDX reports that Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine has introduced former Topspin CEO Ian Rogers to lead the charge. Daisy is a music service that will offer listeners access to stream up to 12 million songs on a paid subscription.
“Right now, these things are all utilities. It’s give me your credit card, here’s 12 million songs, good luck,” Iovine said. “We have an entire generation that was brought up on sound being inferior, and sound is the only conduit for emotion that we have. We’ve had ten very bad years in the audio industry. So we want the best possible quality, and it will have global scale. So it will be a balance of those things.”
Dr. Dre is looking to find a niche in the music business and given his success with his headphones his next venture seems promising.
“We have to opportunity to create a trusted brand in music. To be honest, we’ll release the product when it’s ready, but we’re looking at the second half of this year,” Rogers added. “I’ll remain Executive Chairman and remain member of Board [at Topspin], We’re also announcing today that Beats is making a strategic in Topspin as well, so it means great things for Topspin as well.”

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