#BBAThechase: Beverly and Elikem Fight over Angelo’s Eviction

BBA-Beverly-and-Elikem-Fight-over-Angelo’s-Eviction-from-Big-Brother-HouseAfter settling in and downing a couple of bottles of booze, a fight ensued between and ’s sweetheart .

The Nigerian lingerie model expressed her disappointment at for not comforting her when was evicted last night.

“I really didn’t take kindly to the fact that you didn’t even have the decency to come to me to try and comfort me after was evicted,” the Nigerian said.

Last week, was Head of House and saved himself from the eviction gallows and put up in his place instead.

Could still be harbouring anger or resentment towards after the Swap? says no.

on the other hand told “I wanted to give you time to process your feelings on your own. I didn’t want to be all up in your face. However, as much as you love , you came here alone.

“It’s okay to be affected by his Eviction because you are super close to him. He was your best friend in this House. However, I feel you need to appreciate the fact that you are in the Top 5.

“You are here to represent yourself, your family, your country and the continent. Now that he is gone, he will go out there and push for you because you are in the Top 5.

“I’ve also lost people I was close to in this game. Pokello and Selly,” the Ghanaian said.

When told Elikem “Our relationship with Angelo was not the same as yours and Pokello’s,” Elikem told her “Who says it was not the same?

“The only difference is that you and Angelo called it dating, while me and Pokello chose not to label it. We did everything you did and talked about everything you did.

“I’m sure our relationship went even deeper,” he said.

Dillish, who was quiet during the whole episode then stepped up and told the two “this is really spoiling the mood guys. Just drop it,” which they did.

Source: BBA

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