Basketmouth takes the stage at MTV’S “Ridiculousness Africa”

4-6Comedian Basketmouth is set to become a co-host on the set of the all new MTV Base comedy video clip series Ridiculousness Africa. Characterised by insane antics, crazy stunts and life-threatening feats of senselessness, the show airs weekly on MTV Base, DStv channel 322.

Hosted by Basketmouth alongside two South African co-hosts Thomas Gumede and Boity ThuloRidiculousness Africa hunts the length and breadth of the Internet on your behalf seeking out the weirdest, wackiest and stupidest stunts ever committed to video.  So, if you love to watch people doing strange, unusual and frankly idiotic things in boats, cars, bikes, pools, on trampolines and more, then this is the show for you.

Giving his thoughts on his involvement in the show, Basketmouth said,


“I’ve always been a huge fan of Ridiculousness, and I always dreamed of being a guest on the show, so it’s totally amazing to become one of the hosts. It just goes to show: dreams do come true!”


Basketmouth will be joined by two co-hosts and co-conspirators in the form of South African actor, comedian and TV host, Thomas Gumede and South Africa TV presenter and celebrity Boity Thulo, as they laugh, shriek, hide behind the sofa, and generally dissect the jaw-dropping exploits of irrational individuals who just can’t control the urge to do something incredibly stupid in front of a camera.

Also speaking about the show Thomas Gumede remarked,

“I’m Ridiculousness’s number one fan and I’ve literally been glued to the screen since the first episode, so when I got the call it was like a summons from on high!   I feel like I’m getting paid to do what I normally do – which is watch internet clips with my friends, and my co-hosts make my job easier because Basketmouth is funny and Boity is beautiful.  We’re the dream team”.


Bearing the warning “don’t try this at home” Ridiculousness Africa is the home-grown version of RidiculounsessMTV’s long-running video clip show hosted by Rob Dyrdek.  The series is taped on location in Spain, with Gumede, Thulo and Basketmouth all currently in Madrid on location.

Ridiculousness Africa airs weekly on MTV Base (DStv channel 322) from July 2016.

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