Banky W, Dr Joe Aba, Others Dare Pastor Fatoyinbo To Sue Busola Dakolo

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo threatened to sue Timi and Busola Dakolo in his reply to the rape allegations leveled against him. But celebrities are calling his bluff while pledging to contribute to Busola Dakolo’s legal fees if the case goes to court.

Dr Joe Abah, a public service reformer, said he looks forward to Pastor Fatoyinbo suing Busola. He went on to reveal he has set some money aside to defend Busola in court.

He tweeted: “I have seen Biodun Fatoyinbo’s statement. I look forward to him carrying out his threat to sue Busola Dakolo. As Mrs Dakolo doesn’t have a church that can fund her defence, I have set aside a little money to contribute to her defence. Please do so too. #IStandWithBusolaDakolo.”

His tweet got massive support, with other Twitter users, including Banky W pledging to also contribute to Busola Dakolo’s legal fees if it comes to that.

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  • This is getting out of hand. Plse this. Don’t Start what you won’t be able to finish. Man of God tell ur own version

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