Baby in Niger State Is Born With Rosary Round Her Neck

Baby-in-Niger-State-Is-Born-With-Rosary-Round-Her-NeckA private maternity home in Kotaworo area of Bida in Niger State received thousands of visitors Sunday scrabbling to get a glimpse of a baby girl said to have been born with a Muslim prayer Rosary (Tasabih) on her neck.

Adijat, the middle aged mother of the baby was said to have been rushed to a local midwife home near the residence of Pa Mohammed Bello Masaba, the  Polygamist at about 2 pm on Sunday and after minutes of labour, she was delivered of the baby.

According the owner of the local maternity home, Alhaji Abubakar Baiwa Shasha who took delivery of the baby, “I was shocked when in the course of the delivery the baby came with a Chisbih on her neck. The baby was born with a black rosary at delivery point.”

“But I was surprised when after a while the rosary turned to white to the amazement of the few people around.”

As soon as the news spread round the town, thousands trooped to the maternity home shouting “Allahu Akibar; Allahu Akibar (God is Great) as they scrambled to see and touch the baby. ”

Efforts to get the father of the baby, Isah, a native of Loma in Kwara State were fruitless as he refused to talk to our Correspondent.

Malam Idiris Ndajiwo, an Islamic scholar said the delivery of the baby with the mysterious rosary “showed the greatness of Allah.

“The delivery of the baby today, in this town and this area (Kutaworo) is a big thing to us Muslims.

“This actually goes to show that Allah is in control of what happens to any one and in the whole world.

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