Author Arrests Gay Hairstylist Who Almost Rap£d His Friend In Lagos


A Nigerian author and politician has reportedly arrested a gay hairstylist who almost Rap£d their friend, last night, in Lagos.

The author identified as Charlie Champagne took to his Twitter page to narrate how the gay hairstylist almost Rap£d his friend, and how the stylist later got arrested.

See his narration below;

I was in my room sleeping when my guy called me, speaking in hushed tones, “guy I dey in trouble. the guy wey I follow comot na gay. he wan Bleep my yansh. na bathroom I dey hide like this.”.

Brethren, we don dey Police Station now sha.

My guy is a budding cinematographer/video editor who is kinda new in Lagos, so I let him stay at my place, at least until he found his footing.

He has a director guy he works with who calls him for jobs occasionally. On Tuesday, he went for one of such jobs where he met this guy, one of the popular celebrity hairstylists on IG.

Yesterday, when I got home, he had gone out to meet the guy. Around 9pm, I called to ensure he was not dead. He assured me that he was just ay Lekki with the guy and nothing was wrong.

Well, he’s an adult and I cannot police him sha, so I rested. My phone suddenly rang around 1am. This was my guy speaking in hushed tones telling me that the guy was trying to Rap£ him and he has managed to lock himself in the bathroom when the guy slept off.

He managed to send directions to the guy’s place, at least the one he could remember. I grabbed @MKO_Olawole who was also at my place last night with another of my flatmate and one egbon for street. Oya make we dey go.

We saw a police checkpoint close the the address he described and we managed to persuade them to go with us. We got there and after about 30 minuted of banging on the door, we finally busy it open to find the bastard practically Unclad. My friend finally came out from the bathroom

Now to the main story as described by my friend. The guy had promised to link him up with connections who will help his dream of becoming a big time cinematographer. So, he believed him and tagged along with the guy to one of his jobs on the island.

Little did he know that the bastard had plans to disflower his yansh. The guy’s customer gave the guy some money to give my friend but he held on to it telling him that he wanted to “flex” him.

He took him to Shrine and sha got him high and took him to his house. I’m going to blame my friend here because he was quite stupid all along not to even see the signs.

They finally got to his place and the guy started telling my friend to go and bathe. My friend refused. He told my guy to give him a massage. He refused. At that point, he became insistent and wanted to have his way.

My friend’s voice became louder and he had to hush him telling him to not wake the neighbors. Probably because of the highness, he finally slept off and my guy tried to escape but he had locked the main door and kept the key.

He managed to lock himself inside the bathroom from where he called me. According to him, the guy had asked “you don’t want the 3k again” (the money his customer gave him) when he was refusing.

Last last sha, they wanted to bust my guy’s yansh for 3k. We sha got him arrested and detained at the Police Station. We’ll be going to church this Sunday to give testimony, thanking God for saving my friend’s yansh. You’re all welcome.



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