ASUU strike: Top 5 losers and gainers


No doubt that the strike embarked on by the Academic Staff Union of
Universities(ASUU) has been a nationalistic fight to finish, it came
at a loss to the country. This is as voted by students, the top 5
losers of the ASUU strike:

1. Students- Aside being academically dormant for over 5months, thus
raising the fear of mass failure during exams expected to be rushed
within the months of January to February next year, while some have
lost their lives or dignity indulging in one criminal activity or
another, others are growing lean wondering how to tackle their house
rents at school, that have most likely expired, with the academic year
uncompleted. The strike will also delay these current finalists from
making the February/March NYSC batch, pushing them to June and

2. Campus Businesses- Even here at Abia State University, the standard
of living of the canteen operators have dropped. So also have times
become rough for the motorcycle riders, photocopy shops,
photographers, other businesses and even churches on campus.

3. Lecturers- Most of them were financially stranded by september when
their nursery, primary and secondary school children had to return to
school with no money for fees, uniform and books, owing to no salary
and no proceeds from sale of textbooks and handouts.

4. Federal Government- The ultimatum that didn’t work showed how weak
the FG is and set a bad precedent for other unions to follow.

5. President Goodluck Jonathan- This charade was bad for his political
ambition of vying for second term, as well as for his political party
PDP presidentially.

The top 5 gainers however were:

1. Newspapers- Most newspapers especially those online enjoyed an
influx of new customers reading updates on ASUU strike.

2. Vice Chancellors- They sat and watch ASUU struggle to make huge
sums available to them to improve their various varsities. Some of
these funds will be diverted for personal use of course.

3. Facebook- There was an increase in the use of facebook by Nigerian
Public University students this period.

4. Lecturers- They are to be paid for not working, not being stresses,
and shall enjoy earned allowances most of them probably lost hope of
getting, or didn’t know they were entitled to earn.

5. Hostel/Lodge Landlords- They will earn payment for emergency
periods of learning. The quest to retain one’s room for the rest of
the semester or session ie. January to whenever, might force some to
pay for a year they may not complete in that lodge.

Going through the above, it is clear that the strike had more negative
consequences than positive. Economically, Nigeria was at loss for this

Chris U. Oliver
President, Economics Department, Abia State Univer


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