ASUU STRIKE POLLS- Should ASUU call off the Strike or depend on the Prolific Promising Goverment Again?

timthumb.phpASUU has been out shined by the government once with the 2009 agreement. However, with rumours flying round that the strike will soon be called off. Do you think this will be a repeated Drama performance on the Nigerian Education Stage?

Also if ASUU should get hooked on the Nigerian government’s ‘worm bait’, Do you agree on the assumption that the next thing is for a bill to be passed by our “fellow looters” prohibiting ASUU as a Union because 4 months of paralyzing the Education Sector in any developed country is enough to bring doom. Should this strike be a ‘Fight it once and for all’ or “Strike Suspended till further Notice?

Please, this is a poll, where you state your views in the comment box below.

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