Associated Airline Plane crash: Why Agagu’s Casket Remained Intact


The ill-fated plane crash which happened on Thursday has left many tongues wagging as lives were lost and yet, the casket carrying ’s corpse remained intact.

According to sources who were present when the casket was opened, the body of the neatly dressed was not ruffled.

“The cap on his head stayed intact even after impact”, a source told a National newspaper.

In a traditional society like Nigeria, these shocking discoveries have left left many insinuating there is more to it than meets the eye.

But the simple reason is this:

According to report, the coffin cargo was latched to the hooks in the cargo compartment of the plane.

It was also gathered that the coffin was in the rear end of the plane and, like those who survived the crash, it enjoyed the benefit of positioning.

However, aviation experts are of the view that sitting at the rear end of the plane is not a definite guarantee against fatality during an air crash.

Meanwhile during his burial on Friday, his widow Funke insisted on seeing the body before he is buried. She was photographed praying for the body before he was lowered into his grave.

See the photo below. *viewer discretion advised*


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