Are You Truly An Educated Person? By Sirtondy

Over the years, Education has been prioritized as a requirement for everyone to live up to expectation in Life, especially in Africa.

The National policy on Education which was modified right from 1977, 1981 up till 2004 respectively was based on the advocacy of education for everyone irrespective of one’s tribe or financial status.

More so, Education is the best tool to fight poverty, slavery, corruption and others and it is considered a ”Best Legacy,”(We all know that).

However, I have closely monitored the implications of Education to people, especially Nigerian parents who are so passionate about sending their children to school inorder to acquire knowledge and to standout in any field they find themselves.

Sadly, some people leave home for school to acquire education, but as soon as they get to school they ignore the real education and rather opt for literacy skills, these set of people I am refering to don’t read to make a difference but to pass their examinations.

Before I continue, I would
like to give you the definition of ‘Education’ as defined by Dictionary before, which has got many people confused and the new definition of ‘Education’ which is more comprehensive. Recently, According to

Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.

Latest definition of Education according to

Education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement.

Hope you can dish out the difference? the formal one deals with the acquisition of basic instruction while the new one deals with the sense of reasoning and ability to make non-sentimental judgements.

Interestingly, some people who are of myopic sense of reasoning refer to some literate persons as educated not knowing that all that they know is to just read and write.

If your focus of going to school is to acquire your good grades by hook or crook so as to get good job, definitely, you are a literate not an educated person.

Literacy is ability to read and write and if your sense of reasoning is even lower than that of people who sells pepper on the street, you are still a literate. Education of today deals with superior thinking, superior behaviors with intellectual power.

And let me tell you this, education is like smoke, you can’t hide it, you do not need to tell people that you are educated before they know; it is your superior thinking, your intellectual quotient and your behaviour that will dictate your educational status, maybe you are educated or not.

Education deals with broad knowledge, which means we don’t have to limit ourselves, in one profession. If you are superb at arts, you have to do so at science and as well in other professions.

You may have degrees like thermometer or attend the best school in the world and if you still act like a social misfit, the real education is not in you.

Intriguingly, I will let you know how you can differentiate between an educated person and literate person.

Dear friend, an educated person will never utter vulgar words or share explicit contents on social media person because educated persons has been taught in school not to intrude on another persons privacy.

An educated person will never throw trash from his/her car to the street because everyone has been taught not to invade the environment with detrimental and hazardous particles.

An educated person will not empty his/her garbage in drainage/river because they are been taught that it could cause various diseases in Biology and Agricultural science.

An educated person will not see failure in a course/subject as the end of his/her life but he/she will see it as an invitation for him/her to calm downand look for what went wrong because he/she has been taught that ”For every stagnation or retrogression,there is something behind it, which has to be discovered.”

An educated person will not write to people on internet with cyber language(abbreviation form), like ”u” for ”you”, ”hapi” for ”happy”, ”gud” for ”good” because he knows he/she can never write an examination or an application letter like that.

It goes on, but let me stop there.

It’s high time we stood up to learn! This dramatic failure has to be stopped. Education is not just all about going to lecture rooms, attending lectures here and there and getting home without going through what we have learnt.

A good student will not read to pass, because you will quickly forget what you read to pass immediately the time-table has been scheduled. But what you read over and over make you a special one.

Read to make a difference, if you keep reading idiosyncrasily, without considering when examination will take place you will surely make a difference.

It is expected of every educated person to have a superior sense of reasoning to that of people who are on the street.

The way you see things, they way you dress, the way way to talk and the way you make judgement has to be positively different and academically sound.

Dear friend, as you pass out from school and I am sure you have acquired a knowledge in school, you don’t have to regurgitate it when you get to your place of work.

A well educated person will put what he/she has learnt into practise. Go for real education today, don’t go to school because you will be able to read and write so that you can communicate with people or just to get a job as quick as possible. Go to school because of broad knowledge.

That’s why many people are psychologically and emotionally disturbed today, they go to school, neglecting the real education(knowledge) and thereby going for literacy skills and their vision is to get a job after graduating from school. And if they find it difficult to get a job they will say Nigeria is a bad country.

See, if you go for real education you will have the autonomy to start a business on your own which could eradicate unemployment in Nigeria.

No wonder we have a President with PhD who cannot tackle corruption and insurgency.

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