Apple Comes with A New Watch for iPhone Lovers


Apple has been in the news for a while because of the introduction of new handsets, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max,and iPhone XR. Unlike earlier models, the company brought some vibrant colors in the new handsets just to give Apple fans a choice of colors. After many years of research, the company finally made an announcement of Apple Watch Series 4. Having beautiful round corners and square shaped dial, this watch is surely going to impress all the Apple lovers.

Let us further discuss some of the features of this new watch by Apple.

Reasons for choosing Apple Watch Series 4 over iPhones

iPhone lovers would know that how tricky the Apple phones are to operate. Larger in displays, there are many difficult and tedious things in iPhones. For transferring data from PC to iPhone or the vice-versa, you need iTunes and lots more.

Every year, Apple comes with various iPhone models with Plus version. Then the company brought an idea of pairing the Apple watch with iPhone 6 in the year 2015 for the first time. It was done with a motive to combine Apple hardware and software.

The headphone jack was removed from the handsets by the Apple and it came with AirPods for a wireless vision. In each of its models, whether it is iPhone X or iPhone 6S, signature notch, Face ID, larger display and stereo sounds are the common features. There is no unique feature in any of the handsets introduced by Apple in the last 4 years.

Apple Watch series 4 has already outshined iPhone XR in terms of features of looks. Both iPhone XR and the watch are arriving in the market next month. It is quite obvious that people are waiting for the Apple Watch series 4 more than the phone.

Features of Apple Watch Series 4

With each Apple Watch series, the company brings something unique and different in its watches. In series 2, there was a feature of water-resistance while in Series 3, there was cellular connectivity. Apple has now come with a built-in EKG scanner and first hardware design in Apple Watch Series 4.

Apart from that, the watch also has ECG readings. As per some reports, this watch is perfect for detecting AFib. Now, you can easily take a blood pressure reading with the help of Appleā€™s 3D Touch or Force Touch technology.

Because of many health features, Apple Watch Series 4 will be a threat to the ordinary watches in the market. It also comes with other features such as Emergency SOS and Fall Detection. You will get the notifications when the heartbeat is low or high. With this new Apple watch, you can improve your health daily.

There is an Automatic workout detection which will help in planning a schedule of yoga and hiking workouts. You can also keep a track on various activities such as running, walking or jogging. You can know the distance covered while running or walking. There are also some unique features for runners such as cadence and pace alerts.

With this watch, you can know all the ways to train your body. You will also know the number of calories burnt in your body. In this way, you can track the progress of your body with this watch.

If you are a runner, Apple Watch Series 4 has a cadence metric for counting the number of steps you covered in one minute. Another feature called the rolling pace for checking the split for the preceding km anytime.

You can also connect this watch with any gym equipment. With this, you can know the heart rate, speed and calories burnt. It has the feature of water resistance to 50 meters. There is a Digital Crown to remove water from the speaker.

Apple Watch Series 4 will also play you a track from the album or playlist. You can also watch the episode from Apple Podcasts on this watch.

Apart from that, you can also know the current temperature, highs,and lows for the day. It also displays the air quality and UV levels. With the completion of every exercise, you will get the credit.

Some more features of the watch

Apple has put a newdisplay in the watch with the S4 chip. It includes LTPO, a new display technology to improve power efficiency which will keep the watch charged for the whole day in a single charging.

The curved corners match the radius of the case giving a classy look to the watch. The userinterface is just beautiful with more information. The watch also comes with optical heart sensor for checking the heart rate. If your heart rate falls below 10 minutes, you will get the notifications.

The battery will last up to 18 hours in a single time charging. With faster CPU, the apps will load faster and better. Apple Watch Series 4 comes with powerful speakers. Siri and Walkie-Talkie are also improved to a large extent. Additionally, the microphone is present on the opposite side for reducing the echo while making calls. Read Reviews at

iPhone Health App will show the activity, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep together. Now, there is a special feature in Apple Watch Series 4 which is known as Fall Detection. This feature will help you whenever you have fallen anywhere. After 60 seconds, if you do not respond, the emergency services will get a call automatically. Then your loved ones and friends will get the message about your condition.

Another good feature, Emergency SOS will really help you in urgent situations. In case, if you have got a heart attack or felt unconscious anytime, this feature will immediately call 102 and send a message to your friends and relatives. It will also share your current location and show the Medical ID badge on the screen.

There is also a Breathe app which helps in reducing the stress and maintaining the overall health. Apart from this, there is a diet tracker called Lifesum which will help you in planning diets and workouts.

Apple Watch Series 4 will now turn into a personal trainer. It will send the notifications during a competition. This watch will also help you in simplifying the work. You can make calls and send text messages and listen to voicemail from the watch.

Siri will also provide you the information about the weather conditions before going out anywhere.

Where to buy from?

You can buy Apple Watch Series 4 from the official website of the company. The shipping will start in the month of October. You can order the watch in advance from now.

Final words

The features of Apple Watch Series 4 clearly show that it will outwit the other iPhones coming in the market. With the functions, features,and benefits of iPhones, this watch will serve each task well.

From health to work, the watch will also notify your family and friends in times of emergency. It is one of the most unique watches by the company for which iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting.



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