An Open Letter To All Nigerian Celebrities Who Love Flaunting Their Wealth


To All Our Celebrities,
I congratulate you all for working hard in life and making a name for yourselves, it isn’t easy but there are certain things that ought to be corrected. I’m in
no way saying that you shouldn’t spend your money how you deem fit, but you have to look at this issue.
The issue is that most of you flaunt their wealth all over the social media, especially that boy Wizkid.
There are ways you spend your money and i wonder whether you guys are really sensible. Please Answer
This Few Questions

How would you buy a watch of $20,000 when a watch of N250 would serve the same purpose?

You Recently Bought A Car Of N24.8m, When A Car Of N1.5m would still transport you to anywhere you want.

How Would A Sensible Person Buy A Suit Or Dress Of N300,000 when a N5000 Suit Made By A Tailor Would Serve The Same Purpose.

Tonto Dike or whatever ;You Bought An Iphone6,
“You No Go Let Us Hear Word”
Are you the first person to buy an Iphone6?
And still spoilt two IPhones in two days. Showing Us
How Confused you Are?

What Would It Have Cost You If You Gave That Money To The Less Privileged
When You Die Who Would Wear That Suit, Who Would Wear That Watch, Who would ride those cars..
Who would use that expensive perfume and phone.
Remember These Words, Vanity Upon Vanity, All Is Vanity.

Invest In the lives of people, that’s the best you can do.. You never know, that Doctor that might save you might be someone you helped. Many People Are on
the streets looking for help, Students Need Money To Go To school.
Trust Me You Wouldn’t Wanna End Up Like The Rich man And Lazarus In the Bible.
Rich American Celebs Don’t Even Flaunt Their wealth the way Nigerians Do..

As For Wizkid, I have one word for you, Even The Late Michael Jackson is still richer and better than you. The Only difference is that you’re alive.
M.J never flaunted His Wealth..
I once again thank you all for reading this.

Have A Pleasant Day

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