Am Tired Of Jenifa’s Diary – Funke Akindele complains


imageI know so many of us wouldn’t be happy if Jenifa’s diary stops airing on TV. Popular Comedian/Actress is not happy and has talked about how writing,playing lead roles, and helping to direct the series is giving her stress. She went further to Complain. “We have actually filmed the 5th season but we are airing the fourth right now and we would soon begin shooting the sixth season.

“I must confess that I am tired because it is not easy writing, playing the lead character, assisting the director and also supervising the whole project.

“It is not easy writing a comedy script but each time I want to put it to rest, people tell me that the last season was lovely and they keep asking what would be happening in seasons to come.

They still want to see more because everyone loves Jenifa.

I believe that Jenifa is a brand that has come to stay because we use her as a vessel to pass messages across to young people.

“I don’t see Jenifa’s Dairy coming to an end [but] being an actor/actress is not easy not to talk of being a comedian/comedienne.

It is really difficult to think of something fresh and new. When I started Jenifa’s Diary, I knew I had to start the story afresh because some people did not see the movie.

“I was concerned about how I was going to do something totally different from the movie.

When it was time to shoot Season 2, I felt I had to move away from what I did in Season 1 and that was the same dilemma I faced in Season 3″, she stressed.


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