AKA Opens Up On How He Ended Beef With Sizwe Dhlomo


AKA confirms in a recent interview that things are cool between Sizwe Dhlomo and himself.

During lockdown, their relationship got soiled and it went really bad through Twitter war.

Their beef trended on social media, as it became a major talk among fans after the rapper went for Sizwe’s family.

Although, Supa Mega apologized, but opening up in an interview with Slikour, the father of one said they hung out and he apologized.

“Ha ha, I don’t say me and Sizwe ever kumbaya’d but you know me and Sizwe have known each other for a long long long time … so, I just umh, you know Warras is a good friend of mine and a good friend of Sizwe’s as well.”

“And, umh, Warras just arranged for us to sit down and we sat down and we said, ‘ayt cool, this is how it’s going to be’ … I said I’m sorry and we keep moving on, that’s what men do … right?”

Their healthy relationship is evident as Sizer congratulated AKA over acquiring Cuba lounge.


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