AKA Decides To Spend Less Time On Twitter, Here’s Why

As well as we all aware social media can have a both positive and negative effect on an individual , it has the power to affect one’s lifestyle, way of thinking and causes depression at times. who has had his share of social media mayhems has currently shared that he took a conscious decision to spend a little less time on it.

To some people social media can literally take over your life ,some realise when it’s too late while others are lucky enough to get knocked by sense earlier. Fela In Versace hitmaker took to Twitter to share he now uses 8 minutes of his time daily on Twitter.

The aim of this reduced time is because he wants to lead a better life with less stress and pressure from what all that’s going on line. “I’ve got my twitter usage down to a 8min a day average according to screen time. Trust me, your life will get better. Give it a try .”

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