Agro Picks of the Week – How to Start Goat Farming, Farmcrowdy, Hydroponics Tutorial and Others!


Specially curated for you, your one stop hub for anything and everything agriculture in Nigeria, Naija Farmers, presents the top picks of the week in the Nigerian agro sector.

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  • Do you know that with few or very little capital, you can be a goat farmer and start earning big while at it? Check out our complete guide on how to start Goat Farming in Nigeria on Naija Farmers
  • Digital agriculture is only a click away! Welcome to modern day agriculture. Want to learn how to farm online in Nigeria without weilding cutlasses, and hoes, even from the comfort of your home, with good returns on investment within a short period of time? See our full Farmcrowdy App Review now and learn how to use the platform.
  • Is Hydroponics truly the future of agriculture? Hydroponics Involves the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent! Learn more on Hydroponics farming here
  • You definitely have to love snails! These speed deficient creatures are a culinary delicacy and can definitely scoop in big bucks to your pockets. Here is an interesting archive on snail farming, otherwise known as Heliculture in Nigeria. Read and enjoy reading.
  • Grasscutter is one of the animals extremely suitable for commercial rearing. If you’ve had access to the village in times past, and you still complain about money, looks like you’ve allowed numerous opportunities pass you by all these years. Better late than sorry. Read the complete guide on how to rear grasscutters in Nigeria, and start raking in big money for yourself.

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