African Music Must Be Given The Right It Deserves- Weird MC


weird MC

Music artiste, Weird MC may have not released new songs in recent times but she has been more active on the social media and in other areas, she is either out on a charity duty, or she is speaking out her mind on her social media.

The singer who has also been seen campaigning for few aspiring state governors, got everyone assuming that she might be joining politics soon. But she was quick to debunk any present or future political adventure, and that laid the matter to rest.

She recently spoke for African music to be more respected and valued than it is today.

According to the Weird One, African artistes have worked hard to make African music acceptable in the world, likewise Africa has produced world class acts too.

“We have worked so hard to put our music on the map. We have bonafide stars, we have major value. African music must not b denied the shine it deserves”, she said.

Is she right?


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