Actor, Mofe Duncan Has A Message For Those Body Shaming Him

Mofe Duncan isn’t here for body shaming trolls today! He posted a length post in Instagram in response to an Instagram user who called him fat, saying he’s deceiving himself that he’s ‘chubby’.

The Sons of the Caliphate actor revealed how rude it is to call someone out for being fat especially when it’s difficult to tell the person’s mental or physical state at the time.

In his response, Mofe also revealed that although he suffers acute Spondylosis, his recent weight gain is also to fit into his forthcoming character

So comments like make me realise that some people are short sighted and intrusive. Because I am a public figure, doesn’t give you the effrontery to dish out negative comments at will. Now, let me address this… for the sake of this conversation, @spendoura represents everyone who calls others fat. ☆ • Has it occurred to you that a person might have a medical condition which makes them to add weight?
• Or better still a medical condition that prevents them from losing weight?
• Or the person is dealing with some sort of depression and as thus comfort eating?
• Or is required to add weight due to the job he or she might be involved with, in my case, character believability?
• Or maybe the person just doesn’t give two tiny rat asses!

The actor added: “I have been filming back to back since March, which makes me realise, my talent is NOT affected by my weight, neither is my personality, nor my ability to get movie roles. I have bagged major roles because I am not ripped or bearing a six pack, which I would NEVER have bagged but for my frame and mass. • I sat with a prominent Nigerian filmmaker last year, who teased me because I sustained major injuries due to excessive gyming, her words “You want to kill yourself? If all of you are looking like action figure, who is going to play the soft looking roles?”, she ended by saying “Mofe, six pack or not, I will always cast you as long as your talent is required to make the film better.”

To directly answer your comment @spendoura, I suffer for acute Spondylosis (google it), caused by excessive strain on ones lower back, and I have been vehemently advised to NOT do any heavy lifting for at least one year (which expired in June). “Then diet!” You might argue. To which I reply, I am currently working on a project which requires the xter to look exactly the way I look. Once the project commences, you will be tagged for validation of my claim. And lastly, I am very comfortable with myself, my blood pressure is perfect, my lifestyle is decent, and my work gives me the exercise I need. So thank you, but not thanks.

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