A-Reece Speaks About How Modern Music Lacks Quality

On a recent interview on Yo! MTv Raps A-reece expressed his sentiments on the state of music highlighting that it now lacks quality.

A-reece was the latest guest to make appearance on the Yo! Mtv Raps on a last night show hosted by Scoop Makhathini and Nadia Nakai. On a short clip shared on social media Reece is seen talking about how music has lost quality due to the race of making money.

“You gotta have quality music, people can only move to what they relate to and i feel like that’s the problem with the industry that part has been diluted so much because of money. So it’s just about producing, producing, producing and seeing how good we can sell it. Instead of producing taking your time and seeing how long they gonna love it,|” said Reece.

“Different strokes,for different folks…what shouldn’t differ,and what should remain a constant variable,is quality,” elaborated Scoop Makhathini.

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