A-Reece Reveals Emtee Wanted To Leave Ambitiouz Entertainment Long Before Him

During a recent interview with Pearl Thusi on Behind The Story rapper A-reece made a startling revelation about Emtee on how he was never happy with Ambitiouz Entertainment label from a long time back.

A-reece is one of the musicians who left Ambitious Entertainment following and followed by the likes of Priddy Ugly, Amanda Black and Fifi Cooper to say the least. Fifi and Amanda’s departure became messy landing in court with matters regarding breach of contracts. When interviewed all artists had one thing in common to say – they were not happy with the management.

Emtee and Sjava remained behind as the biggest artists of the label but have made comments floating through surface on how they want to get off from the stable but simply can’t.

During an interview with Slikour On The Balcony, Sjava said that he is set to drop one more album per contract agreement from the stable then he leaves. As for Emtee who South Africans are calling for his release on social media #FreeEmtee, expressed his outcry on Twitter last year saying he isn’t happy about things but he can’t leave because he has a family to think about.

A-reece revealed that the Roll Up hitmaker was fixed on departing before him who left in 2017. “I’m gonna put it out how it is, you see Emtee, he had the same feelings I had about the label and his were probably worse because they were bottled in. I remember we had a show in PLK and I was with him in the Van. It was me, him and Flame and he was like ‘yoh, you can’t even be an artist as yourself in this label because you marginalized and I don’t think I am going to leave soon’ – those were his words, ” said Reece.


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