A Moment with a Rising Star, Falaq Amin

Lagos based Musician Falaq Al-Amin also professionally known as Falaq Amin is a Kaduna born rapper, singer, songwriter and model that relocated to Lagos for the main purpose of making her dream of becoming a world known music star a reality, just after acquiring a degree in Agriculture from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

In collaboration with her management (Aboki Boy Entertainment),  Falaq released her major single HABA DAI in 2018 which gained the attention of promoters and eventually sparked up interviews with major radio & TV stations. She soon became the first female rapper from Northern Nigeria to be hosted at Radio Nigeria & the MTVBase Official Naija Top Ten freestyle session.

The music star later released the track BA WASA which premiered on Radio France International. She has been referred to as the most interesting female rapper to watch out for.

Falaq got to share details about herself and upcoming projects with Emmanuel Obokoh, exclusively for theparakeetshow.com

Prior to your emergence unto the music scene did you have a musical  background?

I had no musical background. Using songs I listened to as template, I kept writing songs & free styling for as long as I can remember until I took the diploma course at Ten strings Music Institute where I learnt the theory of music & how to compose professionally.

what hip-hop albums did you listen to growing up?

The albums Encore & Curtain Call by Eminem, Greatest Hits by 2pac, After Da Storm by Weird MC & almost every one of Missy Elliott’s.

How would you describe your own sound?

 My rap is a blend of American Style hip-hop and Afro-pop with the infusion of Hausa language which makes it more sultry & indigenous.

You are one of the few indigenous female rap artistes we have in the music industry, how has your style of music been accepted so far?

To my greatest surprise, my style has received more acceptance than
anticipated. Despite the challenges, Nigerians seem to appreciate female
rappers more than it reaches the eyes.

falaq amin

Musically, who or what are your biggest influences?

I am influenced by artists such as Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Jesse Jagz & J.

You recently opened the show at the Nigerian women achievers awards,
what was the experience like for you?

It was both scary & inspiring. I performed in front of people I looked up to and people who looked up to me. I have always been an advocate for women empowerment, being recognized by such powerful women is inspiring. I just want to keep making them proud.

I must say congratulations on your award of excellence from Sautin
Arewa entertainment as the best female rapper, how would you describe
what the award means to you and its effect on your career so far?

Thank you so much. The Sautin Arewa Award is the first commendation I have had in form of a trophy. Now, this girl loves trophies. It means even more to me coming from the Northern people because I was not sure I will have the support of my people when I began. Having this award to me is having their permission and support to keep going strong.

What do you think of the Nigerian hip-hop scene currently?

The Nigerian hip-hop scene has come a long way but still isn’t as dynamic as it should be. We have too many rappers leaning unto the same or similar style.

What is the greatest fear you have had to overcome to get where you are

The fear of failure. Concerning everything worthwhile I made a lot of heavy sacrifices. I had to manage both cultural & religious barriers. For quite some time I received a lot of backlash (I still get them, lol) , it gave me anxiety but I stood strong & true to my purpose.

What would be your message to younger girls out there who constantly
wake up with thoughts of being a female rapper?

 If they can think it, they can achieve it. You don’t have to be defiant or take part in immoral activities to fulfil your dreams of being a rapper.
Be a good human being and stay dedicated to your goals.

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