960 Music announces July 21st, 2014 as 2Face Idibia’s Ascension release date.


960 Music Announces July 21st As 2Face Idibia’s “Ascension” Release Date As Moet & Chandon Champagne Celebrates Him With “Moet Rosé Gold Night”.

The 960 Music Group is proud to announce the release of 2Face Idibia’s 6th studio album, The Ascension for July 21st, 2014. In an effort to further promote African music and his skills as a music legend, 2Face Idibia will release his sixth studio album, ‘Ascension’ –  a title that leans on the Biblical tale of the death and resurrection and eventual ascension of Christ which heralded bigger and better things (especially for his followers).


Since the release of his début album over a decade ago,2Face has continued to fling open doors for Nigerian music. He has won award after award; has dined with Kings and Presidents; and has been regularly recognized for his outstanding contribution to the growth of music in Africa.


World’s most loved champagne, Moet & Chandon will on Saturday 19th July 2014 host Nigeria music icon – singer, songwriter and record producer, 2Face Idibia to a night of extraordinary entertainment at a VIP club to celebrate his 6th album, ‘Ascension’. Showcasing success is one of Moёt & Chandon’s original values, and one which resonates with 2Face Idibia’s music journey – the perfect opportunity to share the magic of Moёt & Chandon with the world. To honour the music legend, Moёt & Chandon will present him with a Limited Edition Moёt Nectar Impérial Rosé bottle.

The Ascension is available for pre-order from Konga.com at the link below:




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