8 Psychological benefits of Showering Together with your partner

Taking a shower with your wife or girlfriend has always sounded less romantic than it ends up being. It comes with its own pecks. If you are the one closest to the showerhead, it feels as if you’re slowly drowning. Then again, if you are fortunate enough and you are away from the showerhead, you get these little mists of chilly water dropping on your body, if you stand there too long you begin to feel the effects of hyperthermia which will push you to go barreling down into your partner just to get some warm water on your skin. By this time, kissing is not that enjoyable unless you’ve got gills like a fish.

These are a few pecks that comes with having your partner share your bathroom time with you but like I wrote above, showering with your partner sounds less romantic than it ends up being.

Showering with your partner is one of the best things you can do with your partner to thicken the bond holding the both of you together. You should do well to incorporate it into your daily routine or indulge in it more often. It has a lot of benefits attached to it.

  1. It increases intimacy:

Showering together brings you and your woman closer together more than anything else, not even the idea of sharing the same bed. Your shower time I believe has always being the most private times in your life and letting your partner share that private time with you means you guys are sharing all aspects of yourselves. You get to discover your partner’s body in all its glory this helps keep the flame of your relationship burning and this is the time new connections are built if it’s a new relationship and old ones connections are reinforced in an old relationship.

  1. It’s Sensual:

This might just be the most sensual experience of all time. You run your hands around her body after making a lather to lather up your woman; driving her totally wild with your hands around her body. Remember to take your time. This will add jolts of excitement into your relationship and help keep it romantic and fun


  1. It’s Great for Private Conversation:

Aside from building intimacy and making her go sensual. Showering together creates a great opportunity for engaging in great conversations. Those things you couldn’t tell each other during phone calls, in bed or anywhere, I bet you, when those drops of h2o comes pouring down on your skin, you can discuss literally about anything on earth. The shower removes any source of distraction and creates a perfect private environment which is a great space for private communication.

Normally, when you are showering alone, that’s when great ideas hit you. Ideas that will just pop into your head without you knowing where it’s coming from. That thing that pushes great ideas into your head while alone, will also push in great ideas, opinions and words into your head while showering with your partner.

  1. It relieves Stress:

After a long day at work and making your way back home through the stressful paths that lead to your home, a very cold shower could be the best relaxing recommendation for you. Adding your partner into the menu can only make this threat sweeter and more exciting. Nothing could be more exciting than having two experiences you perfectly adore the same time. When work has brought your mood down to level and drained the excitement in you down to stress, this might be the surest way to activate or recharge yourself back without even stepping out of your house.

  1. It makes you comfortable with your bodies:

Each and every one of us are insecure when it comes to our body image. That’s why we shut the door tight when we are about to change our clothes, take our bath or do anything that will bring about taking off your clothes.

Whether you have a perfect body shape or you have certain things about our body that we want to change and wouldn’t feel comfortable somebody else seeing, we are all in the same boat. But shutting down on our insecurities and taking shower together with our partner will make us start feeling comfortable in your own skin around them.

Maybe you are one of those that’s blessed with a pot belle, stretch marks all over your thighs or whatever… taking showers together and often might just be the only thing you need.

  1. It removes all barriers:

Do you want to build that relationship where your partner thinks about you and only you alone? I know it takes more than taking showers together to achieve this feat in your relationship, some other boxes still need to be ticked. But this particular box is the number one and it will get your relationship there faster if it was destined to.

A shower is a private thing more than anything else, showering together helps create that bond between you and your partner; planting yourself deep down into your partners heart where it will take a while and a lot of effort for another guy to uproot your influence.

This is because the both of you will be removing all barriers you’ve all set for people not to encroach deep into that part of your personal lives; welcoming yourselves into every part of your lives.  It’s an intimate space we will all feel uncomfortable allowing somebody we care less about encroach into. For those of us that still have our self-esteem intact, we wouldn’t dare shower with a casual fling, likewise the females.

  1. It’s an amazing time for foreplay:

A sensual scrub, a deep massage, your wet body rubbing slowly over hers and the deep sensual feeling that comes with it. Showering together is a precursor for more fun activities which might go down later or more still right there inside the bathroom.

The female folks like foreplay a lot and this is your opportunity to give it to her without so much effort because the bathroom has this natural way to set that atmosphere.

  1. It’s fun and it’s time to play:

Playing with your partner while showering can spice up your relationship in a lot of ways. From playfully pouring water on top of each other to throwing lather on each other. It’s all fun. The shower time creates a nice atmosphere to play that romantic cat and dog kinda play.


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