7 Things to Keep In Mind Before You Buy CBD Oil for Dogs

1. Always look at the Certificate of Analysis (COA) before you make your purchase

The certificate of analysis (more conveniently known as the COA) is a document pertaining to the lab test results of the product you consider buying. In an ideal scenario, the test would show a ratio of zero amount of THC and a very high amount of CBD in it, but the ideal rarely, if ever, happens.

Instead, what you will most likely find is a THC level of around 0.2% or less, and CBD content levels as varied as a parrot’s colors. If the seller whose product you are looking up is not displaying their COA on their website, or if they won’t answer an inquiry about it, look for someone else. They wouldn’t be hiding that info if they were a legit business. Also, see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. You can read in greater depth about the BBB and its intended purpose at this website.

2. Go for CBD with nano-sized emulsion

The quality of CBD oils wildly varies. When figuring out their quality and potency, one of the most essential things to pay attention to is the emulsification method. The “liposomal”is the barest minimum that it has to have in order to be considered as ”quality stuff”, but nano-sized emulsion is your best choice. Her is an overview of these labels.

Standard emulsion equals are particles and a poor absorption rate. These soils are the cheapest, because they’re of the worst quality.

Liposomal emulsion features smaller particles and fairly good absorption. They are a little more expensive than standard ones.

Finally, nano-sized emulsion boasts amazing absorption, because the particles are at their tiniest. These are most definitely the most difficult one to acquire, but totally worth the investment.

Learn more about this topic on this website: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/food-science/emulsification

3. Choose an oil labeled “no THC”

Every single CBD product must have less than 0.3% THC to be legal. That said, aim for one that states zero THC on the certificate of analysis (this doesn’t necessarily mean there is none, it mostly means there is so little of it that it cannot even be properly detected). Even the barest traces of this psychotropic substance can have adverse effects on small animals, pet dogs included, especially the smaller, more delicate “house dog” breeds. This is yet another piece of information that should be available in the COA.

4. Buy organic CBD hemp only, if at all possible

Hemp has an uncanny capacity for absorbing toxins from the soil which it grows in. this includes all the pesticides and synthetic additives it might have been exposed to (like non-natural fertilizers, for example). For this reason, aim for organic as much as you can, especially if you intend for your dog to eat the oil.

5. Be wary of low prices

Always look at a minimum of 5 different manufacturers and compare their prices. If one stands out as significantly cheaper than their peers, stop and question that. More likely than not, they are scammers: either cutting corners in production or purposefully selling something with little to no CBD in it.

6. Full-spectrum is a better choice than isolate

A full spectrum oil employs all the cannabinoids, terpenes etc. naturally present in hemp. An isolate product has only CBD in it. It is believed the whole plant means that your dog benefits from a more complete treatment due to the entourage effect. Holistapet has some good examples of full-spectrum CBD solutions.

7. For therapeutic purposes, tinctures are enough

A tincture in a dropper makes it easier to effectively control the dose of oil, without feeding your dog additional foreign flavors as you would do with CBD medicinal treats, for example. Moreover, treats are heat-processed, which reduces the potency of the necessary cannabinoids, making them weak medicine for your doggo.

>We hope these little tips and pointers will make it easier for you to make a good, informed decision about your cannabinoids oils purchases. What other things do you keep an eye out? What did we miss? Leave us a comment!

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