7 Things That Are Normal For Couples To Fight About


The good thing about couples fight is that it’s the same for everyone else and are quite healthy.

Catherine Donaldson-Evans  of SheKnows lists a few things couples normally fight about that are healthy:

Money: Every couple under the sun argues about money, so if that’s one of the touchy subjects in your relationship, you’re certainly not alone. But don’t let it ruin everything, say experts. “All couples have differences about money,” says Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., a licensed psychotherapist and the author of Money, S£x and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage. “One likes to spend, one saves. Instead of fighting about money differences, which can seriously damage your marriage, just turn it into a business discussion. What do you want, what do I want? How can we both have at least some of what we want? Do the math, make the budget, resolve the differences.”

S£x: Two people in a relationship almost always have different expectations about S£x, whether it’s how often to have it, when to have it or what specifically to do in bed. Part of the problem, says Tessina, is that movies, celebrity journalism and other media bombard us with “highly exaggerated depictions and expectations about beauty, romance and S£x.” That leads to a distorted view of what marriage and married S£x should look like. “When people’s expectations for what marriage entails are overblown, they get disappointed and discouraged,” she says. “Successfully married couples have a more realistic idea that marriage won’t be ideal, and partnership and mutual love are things you need to work on, to build over a number of years. If you are loving and caring of each other, you have a better chance of success in your relationship.”

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