7 Sure Signs You Are The Girl On The Side

Some men have “side girls”. You can think that you are the one and only, but in fact you may be that “side chick” yourself.


How not to get into this trap?


Naij.com has the answers, so, please, note these 9 hints:

1. He is often out during holidays

Of course he has excuses. But he is likely to just be celebrating the holidays with someone else. And the one who suffers is the side-chick. If you are lucky – he would send you some little gift. Not all the guys are guilty of this, but if he is not celebrating a couple of important holidays with you in a row, that can be a bad sign.

2. He doesn’t mention you on his social media

At the age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it is odd when a guy who you date does not recognize you there. Of course he can just not use social media a lot. But if he posts pictures of his abs, his dog and his dinner, but “forgets” to mention you as his girl or just to post a picture of you two – you should be careful.

3. Strange calls

He dials or receive calls from a strange number. And he always has to pick it, he never tells you who it was. But you know that it is not his mom or a younger sister from Lagos. Sometimes the number might not be stored in his phone address book. That’s a sign to check it all up, because it can be the second (or the main) chick.

4. He calls you at a particular time…

… And picks up your calls at these times too. This is especially dangerous if it happens during several weekends. If he makes excuses most weekends and can’t even talk to you – check your boo!

5. He hates surprises

And surprise visits in particular. Your man does not want you to come unannounced, without notifications. So if he constantly says he hates surprise visits, it is time to get concerned.

6. He is not calling you his girlfriend

When it is time to introduce you to his friends, colleagues or even relatives, he just introduces you with your name. And he never calls you his girlfriend among his circle.

7. Trust your instincts

If you feel that something is wrong – maybe it is a sign. Who knows, maybe you are really a side chick. So it is never too late to check it out.

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