7 Reasons Why Majority Of Nigerians Don’t Use Iphone Devices



iPhone is the most sold smartphone brand all over the world especially in the United States of America, England, Belgium and even China but it is not the case in Nigeria as most Nigerians don’t use iPhone devices because of the reasons I will state out in this post.

Though iOS devices are one of the most secured phones and sleek to handle plus some spectacular specifications, but there are few things that makes the marketing and progress of iOS devices in Nigeria not as booming as other phone brands.


1. Price

As widely known, a reasonable number of Nigerians lives below $2 dollars a day and this makes them prefer cheaper smartphones like the Chinese phone brands. You can attest to this with the high rate of sales recorded on infinix, Tecno, gionee and the rest in Nigeria. iPhones cost a lot of money and most average Nigerians can’t just afford it.

2. Lack Of Total Customization

Yes this is another major reasons why Nigerians neglect iPhone devices. How can I buy a phone and become a slave to the phone instead of been the master? Unlike in Android devices where you can root and customize it the way you want. In fact, you can tweak the hell out of any Android phone and make it completely different from how it was when you bought it. Though you can jailbreak iPhone but still you can’t have the complete customization right as Android users.

3. Few Free Browsing Cheats To Tweak

Yes. This is absolutely my own main reason why I don’t fancy iPhones. Though I still tweak iPhone for free browsing cheats but definitely all the available cheats can not be tweaked on Android. One of the most hardest thing to do on and iOS device is to tweak the IMEI numbers. But in android, it is as simple as ABCD. There are still very few free browsing cheats for iPhone. Click HERE to see how to use MTN BIS on iPhone and iPad.

4. Fear Of Men Of The Underworld

It is very necessary to put vital things in consideration before soaking yourself into it. In a typical African setting, Nigeria in particular, every individual is conscious of his environment and there have been many reported cases of theft and snatching of iPhones from people on many occasions. One phone brand that recorded more snatching is than iPhone is BlackBerry devices as many guys and even ladies were caught red handed and stripped on many occasions. So people are now more conscious and opt for cheaper phones. What will it profit a man to buy an iPhone 6 with more than N120,000 and loose it to a jobless fool out there.

5. No Freedom To Install Apps

One annoying thing is lack of freedom to download apps as you like just like the way it is on Android phones. There are applications like blackmart, apptoid, apkmoded etc that lets you download premium apps for free on your Android device. But it is not possible on iPhones. In fact, most of the apps on iTunes are paid apps.

6. Inability To Download Stuffs From Other Sources

Another disadvantage in using iPhone is that in a normal case, you can’t install apps, download music, videos, and other files from unknown sources except iTunes. Nigerians like free stuffs and diversity, but iPhone denies them of that.

7. Inability To Transfer Files

iPhone devices are very stingy and won’t allow you to transfer files to a non iPhone device except you jailbreak the iPhone. How can I be using phone and I can’t collect or send music and pictures from another phone? It’s absolutely ridiculous and another reason why Nigerians don’t fancy iPhones.

The above points are just the major reasons why we Nigerians don’t fancy iPhones. However, few people that are using it is just using it for flexing and claiming big boys and girls. Yes. That is the bitter truth. Check most of them that are using it, there is no spectacular different thing they are doing with the device. I was even surprised to see one of my neighbors that uses iPhone but haven’t browsed the internet for over three weeks. Chai!!! How can someone in this technology era stay a whole day without browsing the internet not to talk of three weeks without data.

When I asked him why, my guy told me there is no money to subscribe for data. So tell me, what is the gain of using an iPhone if you can’t brows and do other tweaking on it?

A food for thought!


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