7 Fresh Dating Tips that You Probably Haven’t Heard of

A date is an important part of any relationship. The further outcome of the love affair depends on how successful your romantic meetings are and on your knowledge on how to date single Ukrainian women.

If everything goes perfectly, people will continue to meet, each time discovering each other and opening up new facets of the personality. If someone shows himself from the bad side, there is practically no chance that further meetings will take place. How to make a good impression on the partner?

Hint about your plans in advance.

At the time when the girl feels a little out of place because she isn’t dressed properly, she is confused and upset and it is not so important how many efforts have you spent to hold this meeting. If you want to walk around the park, forest, field or in the rain, tell her how to dress. It is not necessary to tell about the place itself, let this special place be a surprise. It is not very pleasant and comfortable to walk in the park in a dress and on the heels, especially if the weather is far from ideal. The same thing is with sitting in a posh restaurant in jeans and sneakers, albeit with a little makeup.

Remember the color of her eyes.

For girls, the men’s attention is very important. It should manifest itself not only in gallant deeds, compliments, and fervent views but also in the attentiveness, which is regarded as a high degree of interest. A girl can be very upset when a guy does not notice what she is wearing, her accessories and hairstyle because she has made these efforts for him. She expects you to notice not only the size of her bosom but also the color of her eyes on the first date. Make an accidental compliment to her eyes, she will be particularly pleased.

Show originality.

Do not ask her, “So, what kind of music do you like?”. Instead of it, ask questions that will help the girl open up from the other side. For example, ask her about the childhood, hobbies, interesting cases in the life. This will create a much better idea of the person and there will be less unnecessary phrases and similar answers.

Offer her a dessert.

Girls like to seem modest and shy, who eat like birds and only one salad. But in fact, very few girls will refuse a dessert. Moreover, they like when you insist on ordering a dessert. In exchange for this, their behavior becomes S3xual. This is a kind of game.

Pay for the dinner.

If you invite the girl to dinner, you should pay the common bill. It is a standard principle that works in personal relations between a man and a woman. On the part of a man, it’s silly to “walk” your lady in the rain in the park or to treat coffee to McDonald’s.

If you have a different social gradient, a correct behavior will smooth out the lines of unequal financial opportunities. The main thing is to behave with dignity. This applies both to a “rich” side and one that does not reach the level of the Cote d’Azur, villas and yachts.

Do not ask permission.

If the date is wonderful, and both of you understand that now is the right time for a kiss, never ask permission, just kiss her. She can feel awkward with your question and it spoils this magical moment. If the girl does not want to kiss you, and you misunderstand the moment, she will step back from you. And you can just apologize. The same thing is with S3x.


Do not make unnecessary promises.

If the meeting is not so good, to put it mildly, and you decide to fill another awkward pause with a promise to call her next day, do not do that. Do not say, “I’ll call you” if you do not intend to call. She will prefer that you do not say anything at all. And call her when you are comfortable, without warning her in advance.

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