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Love is all about sharing and caring. But I am not sure the former should be in its entirety. At times, telling too much about yourself to your boyfriend may land you in trouble.

Better safe than sorry. So it’s best to hide some things in the interest of your relationship. Here you go…

Don’t make him feel insecure: You may want to impress him by saying it was you who ditched your Ex. Or about how good your best friend is in two-timing. Mind you, he may not take it too kindly. For one, he would think this is his future too!


Your best friend’s personal life: First things first — do not share your best friend’s phone number, email address with your boyfriend. Also, if your BFF has shared all her secrets with you, best keep it hidden from your boyfriend. For one, he may not be interested. Two, he may start showing her sympathy fuelling jealousy. Who knows it might be a point of conflict between the two of you. You might also start feeling insecure.

Your passwords: Never do this even if you are married. Both of you are entitled to some space in the relationship. Sharing email passwords and ATM pins is a strict no-no. You might want to bring in the transparency issue here. Yet, it’s strictly not advisable. Imagine your boyfriend reading up your online chat conversations to beat boredom and discovers you had actually ditched him to be at a party with your BFF! It would be disastrous.

Do not discuss your salary details: Unless you are married and are looking at joint investments for the family, it’s best not to boast about your fat paycheck. It’s okay to tell him you get a decent remuneration. But not the exact details. But same applies to you too. Your boyfriend too is under no obligation to disclose his salary details.

Girls love to tell guys about their periods: Yuck! You may think sharing your female bodily changes with him may bring you two closer. However, that’s really not the case. Some guys may be shy themselves and may find it awkward to accept what you are talking about in this stage of the relationship itself.

Let bygones be bygones: Your experience with your Ex was bitter to say the least. Your present boyfriend is all that he wasn’t. And all you want do is go gaga over how he scores over your ex. But hold on! Control your emotions, let go off your past and live in the present. It’s wise not to share any details of your past relationship with your present one. You may regret it later.

When in love, it’s natural to get carried away and tell him all about yourself. However, besides other reasons, one good reason for you to not share some things with him is to let him accept you the way you are. Also, let there be some part of you which he doesn’t know, right?……………Fashoyin Damilola


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