6 Important Facts You Must Know About The Nigerian, Adabayo Ogunlesi, Appointed By Donald Trump

It is no longer news that America’s president-elect, Donald Trump, has appointed a Nigerian, Adebayo Ogunlesi, as part of his Strategic and Policy Forum.

The news spread like wild fire on the social media and many Nigerians would see this as a welcome idea, since it contradicts the belief by many that the recently-elected American president is a racist.

According to the report, Stephen A. Schwarzman, the Chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Blackstone is expected to chair the committee, while other members of the committee will be responsible for providing individual views on how the government policy impacts economic growth, job creation and productivity.

But here are six very important things you should know about the Nigerian ally of incoming president of the United States.

1. He is the chairman and managing partner of Global Infrastructure Management, LLC, a private equity firm with more than $35 billion in assets under management and investments

2. Ogunlesi is a thorough scholar, and his intimidating resume with B A in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University, a JD from Harvard Law School, and an MBA from Harvard Business School just proves that.

3. As the son of TO Ogunlesi from Sagamu in Ogun state, the younger Ogunlesi can be referred to as the son of Nigeria’s first professor of medicine.

4. The new appointee had also worked at Credit Suisse for about 23 years, holding top positions such as executive vice chairman, chief client officer and the global head of investment banking.

5. Mr. Ogunlesi holds a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

6. After his study at the Havard Law School, Ogunlesi lectured at the Harvard Law School and the Yale School of Organization and Management.

Nigerians have already taken to the social media to react to the appointment of their fellow in the United States of America.

While some believe Donald Trump has shown that he is not a racist, a few others believe the appointment of a Yoruba man was not a good idea by the American president-elect, as they could betray when it is least expected

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