5 Simple Tips To Prevent Sweat Stains


5 Simple Tips To Prevent Sweat Stains

Sweat stains can be super embarrassing. Imagine all the effort you put in to looking well put together only for large yellow sweat stains to take center stage and steal the show?

Well, that’s what usually happens in most cases. Somehow, everyone’s eyes will be drawn to your armpits despite your killer outfit.

And if you’re like me, come rain or sunshine, sweating never stops. Although we all sweat, it is no excuse to parade your sweat stains in the streets.

Unless your sweating is more than usual, you may need to consult a doctor to diagnose whether you have hyperhidrosis. This is marked by excessive sweating that drops of your hands.

While it may not be painful, it may cause a lot of angst especially in public spaces where you have to make social interactions.

That said, here are a few tips you can look into to help prevent those sweat stains from showing:

1. Trim your armpits
Thick armpit hair isn’t cute. And besides, it can be breeding ground for bacteria. And as if that isn’t enough, excess sweat and dirt also collect there and that is why they have a lingering odor.

By keeping your armpit hair short, it helps the sweat to dry faster thus leaving behind less stains and odor that may stay with you for hours.

2. Wear an undershirt
Having a layer between your body and outfit will make all the difference. Invest in some sweat proof undershirts especially if you’re a heavy sweater. This will prevent stains from forming and odors.

These special undershirts are made in a way that they lock in and vaporize sweat thus keeping you dry throughout the day.

3. Wash your shirts immediately
The longer the sweat stain remains on your shirt or dress the more it sets in and becomes difficult to get rid of. Once you get home the first thing you want to do is take off your garment and hand wash it using some detergent and cold water.

Once the discoloration is gone you can proceed to throw it to the washing machine or finish washing it by hand then hang it.

4. Go easy on deo
People who sweat a lot tend to cake on deodorant or antiperspirants. You may smell good for a couple of minutes but unfortunately it may cause stains and even make them worse.

One layer should be enough and give it time to dry up. Failure to do so may actually clog up your sweat glands and cause havoc.

5. Pick proper fabrics
Synthetic fabrics are not breathable and for this reason you should wear more natural fabrics such as cotton and linen that have better airflow.

They absorb better meaning they dry out faster and leave less sweat marks.


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